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The Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Meeting


of the Female Hebrew Benevolent Society was held on the sixth of November, 1844. A Board of Managers was elected for the ensuing year, and the following Report and Treasurer’s Account were read.

“The privilege of again assembling the members and friends of this Society is acknowledged by the Managers with feelings of gratitude to Almighty God. In reviewing their minutes of the past year they find the record of many successful efforts to relieve and sustain the objects of their care, and much generous aid received from benevolent and liberal friends. They are happy to state that fewer resident Israelites are found in helpless poverty than were formerly on their list of pensioners, but they have been frequently called on to aid wayfaring brethren in search of a resting-place for their families. These had journeyed from foreign lands to seek a home. In several instances husbands had gone forward, leaving their wives and little ones among strangers; and when they found a location, had no means to bring them on; while others, either from suffering or from unkindness, deserted their unfortunate families, who had not only to beg their way, but even despondingly, not knowing whither to direct their steps. To these your Managers have administered funds and sympathy—and obtained offices of charity to accompany them in their travellings.

“A kind-hearted sea captain, on one occasion, not only gave a poor Jewess a free passage to New Orleans, but offered to assist her in searching for her husband after her arrival there. She was comfortably provided for her voyage. The judicious kindness of our Visiting Committee is frequently more important than the money they furnish. The poor Israelite has wants, if not so importunate as hunger, as urgent and more enduring than any animal necessity. Those who provide the food might ask a blessing of the great Feeder of all—and sanctify the gift by laying it on the altar of a grateful heart. Sisters in faith, we have this duty to perform. Let us not be like unto those ‘who have eyes, but see not’—hearts, and feel not. Perhaps we deserve no more than the thousands of Israel who are still daily and hourly suffering under oppression and ignorance. Here, the sun rises on us in the possession of freedom, and in the night there are none to make us afraid. Let us then be grateful in our happiness, and remember that it is God who bestows upon us these good gifts; let us seek to know Him better—serve Him better—and teach his law to those we aid, who have, alas! been raised in ignorance of his ever-enduring mercy.

“The Treasurer’s Report will inform you what has been received and expended. The Committees have monthly submitted to the Board how it has been distributed. In the sincere desire conscientiously to discharge their duty, the Managers realize that the offices of charity are twice blessed.”

Treasurer's Account for the Year ending Nov. 6th, 5605.

Dr. Cr.
Nov. 1, 1844   Nov. 6, 1844  
To Cash received from sundry members, and contributions since Nov. 1st, 1843, 175.00 By Cash paid for sundry Warrants, from November 1st, 1843, to date, Nos. 248 to 265, inclusive. 232.75
To Cash received from donations, including worsted work, and from the Managers of the Hebrew Ball, 216.00 Nov. 6 -- Balance in hand as follows:
      In hands of Treasurer, 7.73
      In Bank                      40.41
      Sav. F. Soc.             259.41
To Cash received from interest on loans and from Saving Fund Society, 61.35    
Balance in hand Nov. 1st, 1843, including amount in Saving Fund Society. 87.68    
  540.30   540.30