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When one, who through a series of years had gained the respect and sustained the esteem of her fellow creatures, has been taken from our midst, it is due to the memory of departed worth, that a passing tribute should be rendered, that the living may imitate those peculiar traits which have cast a lustre around the chaplet of virtues that adorned the brow of the illustrious dead.

A lady of the olden time slumbereth in the quiet of the tomb! A mother of Israel has entered upon a new existence after a sojourn of 84 years amidst the tumult of the world! Rebecca Hendricks has gone to rest in Paradise, to await the recompense of the "pure in heart" on that final day, when each and every one will receive justice at that Tribunal from which there can be no appeal.

And is there not beauty and holiness in the contemplation of the death of one, who, by the permission of Israel's God, had thus lengthened out her span?

A little longer, yet a little longer, and many now in the calm enjoyment of life will follow this olden lady to the quiet slumber of the tomb; even the youth in the pride of manhood; even the maiden in the beauty of womanhood; and the old man of limping gait and trembling frame will soon lay down his staff like one that is weary, and sweetly repose for ever.

Aye, why marvel? Such are the conditions upon which human nature clings to life, and such will be the final destiny of all animated beings.

U. H. J.

New York, Feb. 20th, 1844.

Died at St. Thomas, W. I., on Friday night, between 16th and 17th of February, Samuel B. Hoheb, member of the Board of Wardens of the Congregation of the above place. He was in every sense, says the letter of our correspondent, a good man, and a firm supporter of all our institutions. He has left a wife and four children who, we trust, will find consolation and support from the Father of all, who loves the stranger, the widow, and the fatherless, and is a Shield to all who put their trust in Him.