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News Items.


The Sixth Annual Examination of the Hebrew Sunday School of Philadelphia, took place at the Portuguese Synagogue, on Sunday, the 10th of March, (Adar 19th,) and resulted as usual to the satisfaction of a very large audience. The children were examined in Johlsen's Instruction, Catechism for Younger Children, Pyke's and. S. Cahen's Catechisms, Nathan's Road of Faith, the Sunday School and Miss Peixotto's Bible Questions, and Henry's Class Book. The school is in a flourishing condition, has over $300 in funds, and has published already the Catechisms of Pyke and Cahen, and been the means of scattering them in every direction. The number of scholars is, we think, fully equal to that of any former period, although the older scholars leave it, as is natural, from time to time.

Letter from St. Thomas says: "Our Synagogue affairs go on well; we have a choir of fourteen boys and ten girls, who sing the whole of the service admirably, and Mr. Carillon has done wonders in teaching them the Hebrew, that in so short a time they were enabled to do this; his discourses and explanation of the Bible call forth praises from all who hear him."—"We have an elementary school conducted by Mr. Delaval, one of our people, a very talented gentleman, and we have every prospect of our congregation being benefitted by his labours."—We also learn from the same source that there is a prospect of soon establishing a Sunday School in Curaçoa. It thus appears that the work of instruction is spreading. May it flourish and bear ample fruits.

Since the above was written we learn farther that a female school, to be kept by two Jewesses, has been established by A. Wolff, Esq., to whom great credit is due for his indefatigable labours. There surely must be great improvement visible in that island, when several now shut their stores and attend public worship, who formerly laboured on the Sabbath.

Just while going to press we learn that the first examination of the Sunday School at Columbia, S. C., took place on Sunday the 10th of March, and elicited the highest praise from all present. The particulars we hope to give in our next.

A Charity Ball, was given on the 6th of March at Cincinnati, which is represented as having afforded ample enjoyment to the company. It is certainly a pleasing feature to observe that the means of enjoyment are converted into blessings to the poor, such motives hallow even acts of ordinary life, even if they but administer to our pleasure.

Mr. E. Halphen has, as we are informed, been elected Mayor of the second arondissement of Paris.

We have no late news of any special interest from Europe. Nothing later concerning the Russian Ukase.

The foundation for a Synagogue was laid on the 9th of August last at Hobard Town, Van Diemen's Land; and the small body of Jews in New Zealand, under the direction of Mr. A. Hart, is progressing in religion.