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On the 22nd of January an election was held in the Portuguese Congregation at Kingston, Jamaica, which resulted in the choice of the following gentlemen to serve for three years as Adjuntos:

Abm. Rodrigues Da Costa, Phineas Bravo, Jacob Nunes Vaz, Moses Sarfaty, I. S. De Clavo, David Martin, David Alberga, Henry Delgado, David of Abraham Rodrigues Da Costa, Isaac Cohen Henriques, Abraham Alexander Lindo, Benjamin Naar, the latter two in place of Jacob Q. Henriques and Robert Salmon.

The Bench for the year are Jacob Nunes Vaz, P. P., David Lopes, P. R., and Isaac Cohen Henriques, Treasurer.

The officers of the Beth Lemud are: Jacob Q. Henriques, Prest., M. Sarfaty, J. N. Vaz, David Martin, Aaron De Cordova, Benj. Naar, Phineas Bravo, and Moses Q. Henriques, Managers; Abm. P. Mendes, Master, and A. C. Peixotto, Secretary.