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Testimonial to Mr. Hyman Polock.—Preparatory to Mr. Polock, the President of the Congregation Beth Israel, leaving this city for Europe, whither he departed from New York on the 8th of May, the community over which he had presided for some time resolved to present him with a token of their regard; and we give insertion to the subjoined proceedings, which have been sent to us for publication by the Secretary of the congregation.
Philadelphia, 4th May, 1852.

Dear Sir:—At a meeting of the Congregation House of Israel, held on the 2d inst., it was unanimously carried that I should send you a copy of certain resolutions that were passed.

“Whereas, it is the intention of our esteemed friend and President, Hyman Polock, Esq., to visit Europe; and, whereas, we owe a debt of gratitude to our worthy friend for his unremitting attention to the interest of our congregation,

“It was unanimously resolved that a Silver Goblet should be presented to Hyman Polock, Esq., President, as a mark of oar esteem and respect; and <<224>> farther, we unite in saying that it may please our Supreme to take him in his especial charge, and grant him a safe return.”

I have the honour to subscribe myself,
Your ob’t serv’t,
D. Emanuel,
Sec’y Cong. House of Israel.

H. Polock, Esq., Prest.

New York.—According to announcement, the Rev. S. M. Isaacs delivered a sermon on Sabbath Behar and Bechuckotay, in the Wooster Street Synagogue, on the futile efforts made to withdraw Israelites from their faith. We can well imagine that Mr. Isaacs must have impressed his audience strongly of the necessity of Israelites remaining firm and unshaken, as he proved that there is no safety for us except in a strict adherence to our religion. We are indebted to Mr. Isaacs for a report of his address in the New York Tribune, which we see has also been copied into the Asmonean. We will insert it likewise, if Mr. I. will transmit us his MS., since, we should judge, that the report does not contain the whole of the address.

Richmond, Virginia—We learn with pleasure that last winter a a society was organized for mutual assistance in sickness, burying the dead, and other deeds of charity. The society already numbers nineteen members, quite a respectable strength in view of the short time of its existence. E. Fleischer is President; H. Saal, Vice-President; I. Millhiser, Financial Secretary; H. Brown, Recording Secretary; N. W. Nelson, Treasurer. N. S. Schloss, I. Grünebaum, and Moses Millhiser were elected Trustees.

Charleston, South Carolina.—We learn, unofficially, that Dr. Morris Mayer has been elected minister of the Beth Elohim congreg­tion—the office having been vacated last winter by the withdrawal of Dr. J. Eckman. The Shearith Israel congregation have applied for candidates for the vacancy of Hazan and Lecturer, to offer themselves for election, which is to be held on the Sunday before Rosh Hashanah, the 12th of September next. We return publicly our thanks to the numerous list of signers who have done us the honour of thinking of us in connexion with the vacant office, unsolicited as this was on our part; hence we regret the more that it is out of our power to become an applicant for the office under present circumstances.

Savannah, Ga.—We have ken informed that the Rev. A. De Sola has definitively declined the office of minister tendered to him by the congregation at Savannah, and that he will not quit his present flock in Montreal, who are so much attached to him. We have not yet heard that the people have designated another in his place.