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A Suggestion


A friend of ours who lately came from the Southwest, on a visit to his relatives, was unable to find the Synagogues in several cities where he stopped, though he inquired for them anxiously, because he wised to say Kaddish in honour of the memory of his lately deceased father. In Buffalo, he had to give up the search, because, being a stranger, he could find none to direct him, and the city directory did not contain the desired information. No doubt many Israelites, in their travels, have been prevented from attending worship by their not knowing where the Synagogues are situated, or, perhaps, because they never knew that any Israelites resided in the respective places. Our friend, therefore, requests us to suggest to the various presidents and ministers of the several Synagogues throughout the country that they ought to take especial pains that the locality of their houses of prayer be plainly and fully indicated in the various city directories, or to give publicity of it through other channels, so that travellers might at once know whither to bend their steps when they visit strange cities. And we would be obliged to all the respective officers of the congregations throughout the country, if they would send us the above information, that we may be able to publish hereafter a complete table of all the localities of the various Synagogues in the country, so accurately designated that strangers could readily find them. Shall this request be attended to? We hope it may, as its usefulness speaks for itself.