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Hebrew Sunday School of Philadelphia.


The Examination of the pupils of the Hebrew Sunday School of Philadelphia, took place on the 14th day of March (Adar 22d), at the Synagogue in Cherry street. The Rev. Mr. Morais opened the meeting, by reading the 15th Psalm, succeeded by an appropriate prayer, and the following report. The Classes were then examined in their respective studies, which were recited with fluency and clearness. Several pieces of composition were also recited ins very creditable and agreeable manner; a Hebrew and an English hymn were sung. Premiums were distributed to those who had distinguished themselves by superior improvement in studies and punctuality in attending school.

The audience expressed themselves wall satisfied, and made liberal contributions for the support of the school.

“The superintendent of the Sunday School, in presenting a statement of the progress of its pupils, during the past year, has great pleasure in acquainting their parents and guardians that they have acquired much <<40>> valuable knowledge, under the instruction of careful and zealous teachers. The higher classes, in which there are intelligent minds of both sexes, evince deep interest in the important subjects which have been studied and discoursed on; while, in the younger children, the buds of early promise spring up in their loving hearts, only requiring a training hand to lead them in ‘the way they should go;’ feeble voices join in holy strains, which, becoming familiar to them, will materially aid parental care in inculcating the duties of a religious life. It is a privilege, enjoyed by Israelites of the present day, to possess religious books in the vernacular tongue, which, in all former ages, were only accessible to those learned in the holy language, and but scantily distributed to the mass of the people; now every precept of the law, social and divine, is placed before us in language not to be misunderstood, and so exemplified, that its truth, its value, and its applicability to our individual and collective observance, is plain as the sun at noon-day. During the last session, several valuable teachers have tendered their services; and the opening season will add two young ladies, well qualified to pass from pupils to the rank of teachers. They have so well sustained their former character, that we may ‘give them the fruit of their hands, an let their work praise them.’

“It will be seen by the annexed account, that the expenditure of the year has greatly exceeded the receipts; so that we have been obliged to draw from former contributions for supplies of books, &c.

“With heartfelt gratitude to Almighty God, for permitting us to meet annually together, and unite, our endeavours to foster this school, wherein so many children of the dispersion are gathered in His name, we humbly ask acceptance of our prayer:”

Superintendent Account with Sunday School
1851 DR  
  To balance deposited in Penna. Life. Ins. Co., $172.39
March 30 Cash contributions 64.00
Oct. 18 Sale of books 1.72
Aug. Interest on Penna. 5 per ct. 23.75
  "                 " 23.75
  "                 " 7.52
1851 CR  
  Cash paid for books, $51.64
  One year's rent of school-room 50.00
  Books for premiums, 11.10
  Refreshments 7.25
  Balance deposited in Penna. Life Ins. Co. $173.14