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Whilst we deplore with anguish that the young are taken away in their unfaded bloom, may we not embalm, with a tear, the memory of those who have lived far beyond the allotted threescore years and ten, if the Almighty has mercifully vouchsafed to them intellect as unclouded, a heart as warm as in the days when the eye t undimmed, and the cheek glowed with beauty. Ay, God has the prolonged life (we may so believe), that words of wisdom and lovely counsel might have added influence when thus confined, by the experience of many days spent in piety and cheerfulness; therefore, we weep to record the death of Mrs. Johavath Marks, relict of the late <<64>> Michael Marks, Jan. 18th, in the 85th year of her age. The children to whom she had devoted the vigour of her days, the grandchildren to whom, in her age, she spate of that great Being whose precepts had been alike her joy in prosperity, her stay in vicissitude, all contributed, by filial affection and duty, to render even her last days on earth so happy, that life had not wearied her, though in earnest prayer and humble trust, she resigned it into the hand of Him who gave.

One Who Loved Her

Died, on the 6th of November last, at Charleston, S. C., in the 90th year of her age, Mrs. Bella Hart, relict of the late Daniel. Her life and character fully bore out the truth of King Solomon's dictum, “Favour is deceitful, beauty is vain; the woman who feareth the Lord she is to be praised.” Born in London in 1762, she resided during the last 65 years of her pious and beneficial life, in the city in which she expired. The death of her husband left her, still in the prime of life, with seven children, the eldest just entering on womanhood, the younger ones mere infants. With a degree of energy and perseverance, not often equaled in her sex, but which, together with piety, charity, and kindliness, formed the leading traits in her character, ate thenceforth devoted herself to the bringing up and prosperity of her children. A strict observance of God’s holy law, and orthodox from conviction, she made it her first care to imprint on their minds, that strong religious feeling, that firm adherence to principle, that pure sentiment of integrity and honour which she herself had imbibed from her own pious parents; whilst, at the same time, her utmost zeal, prudence, and diligence, were exerted to protect and promote their temporal interests. Nor was her activity limited to the well-being of her own family. But with a heart ever ready to feel, and a hand ever open to relieve the distressed, her ample means, and truly beneficent disposition, enabled and prompted her to do much good, whilst her singleness of purpose and genuine modesty prevented her charity from ever degenerating into ostentation. As her children grew up, and her own declining years forced her to lessen the sphere of her activity, the consolations of religion, and the practice of benevolence, spread their blessings over a life, protracted beyond the ordinary span of mortal duration. Thus, beloved by her children; venerated by their offspring, of whom she saw the third generation, honoured by the community of which she was a member, and by all who knew her, she calmly awaited “the inevitable hour” when her pure spirit winged its flight on high. May she rest in glory.