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The Jews in the Rhenish Provinces of Prussia.

We learn from the Deutsche Schnellpost of New York, that the Diet of the Prussian Rhenish provinces has passed a resolution in favour of the complete equalization of rights between the Jewish and Christian population of that part of Prussia. We, however, await further accounts before we permit ourselves to rejoice over this measure, as we believe that it must receive the sanction of the king before it can be operative, and then we know not whether it will be of any practical results, whilst, as we think, all offices are virtually in the gift of his Prussian majesty. Nevertheless, we hail it as an evidence that Christians begin to feel ashamed of the injustice they have so long done to the Jews, and that they will sooner or later regard us as political brethren, who only wish to be different from their fellow-citizens in matters of belief alone, for which they are accountable to no other being save the Father of all mankind.