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At an election of officers for the year 5604, held at the Island of St. Thomas, on the 20th of August, 1843, (24th of Ab, 5603), the following gentlemen were duly elected:

Aaron Wolff, President; Jb. Pretto, Vice-President; Benjamin Levy, Treasurer; Isaac Levy, I. Cappe, S. B. Hoheb, and D. Pretto, Wardens.

At a semi-annual meeting of the Congregation House of Israel of Philadelphia, held at the Synagogue chambers, on Sunday, 1st day of Elul, 5603, corresponding with August 27th, 1843, the following gentlemen were elected honorary officers for the ensuing two years:

Henry Cohen, Parnass; Isaac M. Asch, Treasurer; Hyman Polock, Myer A. Van Collen, Trustees.

The Board now consists of the following gentlemen:

First Parnass, F. Samuel; second Parnass, H. Cohen; Treasurer, I. M. Asch; Trustees, Abraham Collins, P. S. Rowland, Hyman Polock, and M. A. Van Collen.

At the stated semi-annual meeting of the Congregation Mikve Israel of Philadelphia, held on Sunday, the 22d of Elul, 5603, (17th Sept., 1843,) the following gentlemen were elected officers of the congregation for the year 5604:

Abraham Hart, Parnass; J. A. Phillips, Joseph L. Moss, Mayer Arnold, and Isaac J. Phillips, Adjuntas; Hyman Gratz, Gabay, and David Samuel, Secretary.

We would thank the secretaries of the various congregations and societies to furnish us with official lists of their officers after every election, for insertion in our magazine.