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Elections, &c.

At an annual meeting of the Congregation Mikve Israel, of Savannah, Georgia, held at the Synagogue, on the 24th Ab, 5603 (21st August, 1843), in conformity to charter, the following gentlemen were elected officers for the year 5604.

Isaac Cohen, Parnass ; Sheftall Sheftall, Levy Hart, Solomon Cohen, Jacob de la Motta, Junr., Octavus Cohen, and Judah M. Isaacks, Adjuntas; from whom Levy Hart was elected Gabay, and J. de la Motta, Jr., Secretary.

The United Hebrew Beneficent Society of Philadelphia, instituted in the month of Tamuz, 5582, corresponding with June 16th, 1822, for the relief of the poor and sick of the Jewish persuasion, to procure attendance, medicine, &c., for such indigent individuals as are unable to provide for themselves, and in case of death, to bury them; to bind poor children apprentices to mechanical trades, and to encourage the acquirement of the holy tongue among the children of our persuasion, held its annual election agreeably to the charter on the 1st of October, 1843, when the following gentlemen were elected officers for the current year:

A. L. Hart, President; J. A. Phillips, Vice President; J. L. Moss; Treasurer; Z. A. Davis, Secretary; Jacob Phillips, A. Hart; H. M. Phillips, I. J. Phillips, S. Elfelt, Samuel Hart, J. Jacob, D. Samuel, Managers; E. S. Linze, Messenger.

Contributions $4 per annum, $30 paid at once constitutes a life-member.

The United Hebrew Beneficent Fuel and Savings Society, was instituted February, 1841, for the distribution of fuel and stoves where required among the poor of our persuasion, and for the encouragement of laying up during the summer sufficient funds to procure themselves fuel, which the society will furnish them at first cost, during the winter season:

At an election held on the 5th March, 1843, the following gentlemen were elected officers:

Z. A. Davis, President; Joseph L. Moss, Vice-President; David Samuel, treasurer; M. A. Dropsie, Secretary; Isaac Jacob Levy, Samuel Lyons, Isaac J. Phillips, Louis Bomeisler, Henry Cohen, Jacob Ulman, David Pesoa, H. Van Beil, Abraham Hart, D. A. Davis, M. Cauffman, Julius Jacob, Managers; E. S. Linze, Messenger.

Contribution $1 per annum ; $10 paid at once constitutes a lifemember.

At an election held at Cincinnati, on Sunday, the 7th of Tishry, (October 1st,) the following persons were elected officers of the Congregation Benai Jeshurun* for the ensuing year:

Mordecai Levy, Parnass; Abraham Fechheimer, Gabah Zedoka; Abraham Aub, Gabah Beth Hayim; Henry Sacks, Treasurer, Lewis Goldsmith, Secretary; Levi Friedman, Charles Sticks, Benjamin Simonds, and Julius Goodhart, Trustees; and Simon Banberg, Reader.

* We learn in a communication from the president that this congregation was commenced about two years. ago, and numbers now already about eighty members. It began its operation without any means whatever, and has now nearly one thousand dollars in funds and good debts. It is intended to purchase soon a lot of ground for the building of a new Synagogue, and the increase of Israelites at Cincinnati is so great, that it is confidently expected that a building having five hundred seats will be needed, and this will be without any injury to the old congregation, whose place of worship was built about ten years ago.

The Minhag of the old congregation is the Polish, that of the new the German. There are in that city two societies of men, also two ladies' societies for the distribution of charity, which is constantly called into requisition for the relief of the needy, who never go away empty-handed.

The state of religion is also improving, and we learn that it is in contemplation to call a meeting of all the Israelites in Cincinnati, to concert measures for the better observance of the holy Sabbath and other religious duties. The members of the Congregation Benai Jeshurun also contemplate to engage, as soon as possible, a permanent reader, who can come well recommended, and is capable of being a teacher for the children. The salary and perquisites will for the present not be above $900 per annum, but as the congregation increases in prosperity, the emoluments will no doubt be much augmented. Any one who may be desirous of becoming an applicant for this office is recommended to reside at Cincinnati at least six months before the election. The present reader is elected only for one year. Any communication on congregational matters must be addressed to the president (Mr. M. Levy), Officers and Trustees of the K. K. B. Jeshurun of Cincinnati.

On the eve of New Year, 24th of September last, a meeting of Israelites, residing at Montreal, Lower Canada, was held, in order to organize a German and Polish Congregation, which they accomplished, and elected as their officers for the year 5604, Mr. L. Lyons, President; Mr. M. Moses, Secretary and Treasurer, and Messrs. D. Hart, I. Aarons, and D. Moss, Committee, and Mr. Elias Vineburg, Hazan.

They have already made arrangements to build a Synagogue, and have received ten pounds as a donation from his Excellency, Sir Charles Metcalf, the Governor General. The late arrival of the accounts furnished us by the Secretary prevents us from giving a more detailed statement at present.