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Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies of the Jewish Faith


It affords us much pleasure to call the attention of the American Israelites to the school of our valued friends, the Misses Palaché of New York. Those who know us personally will acquit us of any propensity for over-praising; and consequently we trust that our approval of the plan of instruction of the above school, which we visited twice in the beginning of last November, will be deemed the honest effect of what we saw before us. The children not alone seemed to learn their tasks, but to feel pleasure in the instruction they received. Indeed it could not be otherwise; since the instructors themselves appeared more like the guides of their charges than armed with the usual magisterial authority and sternness, which are so apt to repel the tender minds of youth, and render the schoolmaster oftener dreaded than loved.

Since our visit to New York last November, we learn from a circular received from our friends that they have resolved to take boarding in addition to day scholars, and that several already were entered. Now in the abstract we disapprove of boarding-schools, deeming, as we do, domestic education of paramount importance. But as people will support such establishments, and as circumstances may occur when it is absolutely requisite to find a home for the scholar under the teacher's roof: we are pleased, nay more, delighted, that Jewish parents in America have an opportunity thus offered them of placing their children under the charge of two accomplished ladies of our own persuasion, in whose house, not alone their mental and moral culture will be cared for, but where also that essential, that breath of life of the Hebrew's existence, his own religion, will be imparted, and enforced by a pious example; and in saying this we say only what is strictly true, and we hazard little in asserting that our friends will not be disappointed in encouraging the establishment of the Misses Palaché.

The course of instruction includes writing, arithmetic, geography, astronomy, grammar, composition, philosophy, history, mythology, with all the branches of an English education.

Instruction will also be given in Hebrew, the modern languages, music, singing, drawing, &c.

We will be pleased to give farther particulars to any of our friends who may apply for information. We observe that reference can be made to the following gentlemen in New York, whose recommendation is certainly of more value than any thing we can say: Rev. J.J. Lyons; Rev. S.M. Isaacs; Mr. M.L. Moses; Mr. Seixas Nathan; Mr. Joseph Henriques; Mr. Henry Hendricks; Mr. Benjamin Nathan, and M.M. Noah, Esq.