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We learn that according to late accounts received in England, the Jews of Sydney, New South Wales, are engaged in erecting a Synagogue; thus establishing the worship of the only God in the farthest East; and we do not despair to see it flourishing beyond the Rocky Mountains on this continent ere this generation has passed away.

Russian Jews.--At this juncture, when the determination of the Emperor of Russia to establish schools on a large scale for his Jewish subjects, has excited suspicion in the minds of many, who think that this measure has some object ulterior to the mere education of the Jews,--the official declaration of a high functionary of this empire, on religious points, deserves particular notice. In a speech delivered by Governor-General De Bibikoff to the Polish nobility assembled at Kaminiez Podolsk, he expressed himself, (according to the newspapers,) thus: "I repeat here the words which my Sovereign pronounced to me--'It is my will that in my empire the liberty of various creeds, after their several customs, be respected. And I declare at the same time, that I esteem alike all my subjects, to whatever religion they belong.'--These are the words of the Emperor Nicholas the First!"