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News Items.

The second annual Benevolent Ball of the Israelites of Philadelphia, took place on the 24th of January. It was conducted, as all such festivities should be, to the entire satisfaction of all concerned; and it netted the handsome sum of $489.78, which, according to the resolution of the contributors, was equally divided among the Ladies' Benevolent, the Sewing and the Fuel Saving Societies. Want of room prevents our inserting the resolutions passed by the various societies upon receiving their respective shares; but if desired, we may give them in a future number.—Several similar festivities took place this winter in New York, in furtherance of various benevolent objects, and we are glad to learn that they resulted to the satisfaction of the projectors.

We learn from a letter of a late date from one of our highly esteemed correspondents at Kingston, Ja., that the Hebrew Association lately established is in some danger of dissolution, owing to some unhappy division of sentiment among several of its leading members. This is much to be regretted, as an association for religious and literary purposes which has almost one hundred members and near £800 to commence operations with, would be highly influential in doing much good in the island of Jamaica. If our words could have any influence, we would earnestly request Messrs. Lindo, Lawrence, Magnus, Naar and Dr. Henriques, to recall their resignations, and to commence the work anew with increased prospect of success; since experience has now shown them where the real difficulties lie. Our information is not sufficiently extensive to say any more on the subject at this present moment. We are at the same time gratified to be able to state that the Beth Limmud school, under the presidency of Mr. Jacob Q. Henriques, is in successful operation.