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Tribute of Respect

To the Rev. David M. Isaacs of Liverpool.

It is gratifying to find that our congregations at length have become aware of the services of their spiritual guides who have within the last few years done such good service in the cause of our religion. The subject of the subjoined extract from the Liverpool Albion is brother of the Rev. S. M. Isaacs of New York, with whom our readers have had the pleasure of becoming acquainted, and who himself has received a similar token of tribute from his own congregation for his administration of the sacred office conferred on him. We can truly aver that the whole transaction is equally honourable to the recipient of the tribute, and the discerning donors who have so worthily bestowed it; and we trust that the connexion existing between them may long continue for the mutual satisfaction of minister and congregation, and for the glorification of the sacred Name which we worship.—Ed. Oc.

We understand that a very splendid Hebrew Bible and a handsome and elegant silver salver were presented to the. Rev. D. M. Isaacs, lecturer to the. Hebrew congregation, Seel Street, by a considerable number of his young Hebrew friends. At a full meeting of the subscribers, held yesterday, Mr. Sylvester L. Samuel, to whom the pleasing duty had been assigned, presented the memorials to the reverend gentleman, whom he addressed in the following words:—"Reverend Sir, having been appointed by your young Hebrew friends, here assembled, as their humble representative, allow me to express to you their sentiments and feelings. It has been a source of considerable satisfaction to us that, in carrying out our design, we have been met in a very proper spirit, and our endeavours seconded every where and at every point. Reverend Sir, we fervently hope that you will continue to enlighten us by your spiritual instruction, still giving us a knowledge of our holy religion, inculcating pious and moral principles, and thereby training us through this transitory life to blissful immortality. We feel, nay, we boast, Reverend Sir, that we have in you a champion of our faith; a sword, like unto those guarding the gates of Paradise, turning all ways; a shield and a bulwark to all within its pale; a terror to skepticism, apathy, and infidelity; a defender of our holy faith, handed down to us by our forefathers; holding yourself ever in readiness to take up the gauntlet in the cause of the oppressed, and to attack the giant of infidelity. In conclusion, we present you with the Holy Hebrew Bible and a silver salver, in testimony of our respect and esteem for your highly valuable ministerial services; and you have, herewith, our sincere and heartfelt wishes for a long, prosperous, and happy life." The reverend gentleman replied in a lengthened and feeling address, expressive of gratitude and hope. He slightly adverted to the past history of his people, exhorted his youthful and valued friends to attend punctually to the exposition of the hallowed gift with which they had honoured him, and concluded by a prayer for the progress of spirituality and peace in Israel. The following is the inscription on the salver:

To the Reverend D. M. Isaacs,
By a his young Hebrew Friends,
in testimony of their respect and esteem for
his highly valuable Ministerial Services.
Liverpool, Dec. 14th, A. M. 5604.