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Public Examination of Scholars of Miss Palaché's Academy


This examination took place in the Sunday-school room attached to the Hebrew Synagogue in Crosby Street [Shearith Israel], yesterday forenoon, before a numerous auditory, comprising the élite of that congregation, and of several of the other congregations, (among whom we recognized the Rev. Mr. Isaacs,) and strangers.

The scholars appeared to be about thirty in number, consisting of boys and girls, a large proportion being of the latter. The exercises commenced about 10 o'clock, and continued without intermission until 12, during which time the scholars underwent the severest scrutiny in their various studies, and acquitted themselves greatly to the satisfaction of their parents, (who were mostly present,) and to the admiration of a numerous audience.

The pupils appeared to be divided into three classes. The first class about eight to ten years of age, the second six to eight years, and the third from four to six years; and where all seem so proficient, it would be invidious to discriminate; yet a spectator cannot allow the examination to pass without remarking on the attainments of the younger class in the knowledge of the Hebrew, repeating from memory (one particularly of only four years of age) as they did the Decalogue in the ancient language, with an empressement not often heard by persons of more mature years. In classes Nos. 1 and 2 were displayed the more advanced state of acquirements, and whilst their Hebrew reading showed great success in that branch of study, the translations in English given to various questions put in Hebrew, gave strong indications at no distant day of ability to accomplish the translating the entire law of the Pentateuch. The whole of this branch of the exercises took place under the superintendence of the Rev. Mr. Lyons [hazan of Shearith Israel].

We noted with great gratification the critical examination generally on Scripture, and the ready answers given to the various promiscuous questions with an eagerness and alacrity which, whilst so pleasing to the audience, must have been of the most gratifying character to the ladies at the head of this institution, in witnessing the pleasure it afforded the friends of the establishment by the ambition and zeal displayed by the scholars.

In geography, arithmetic, ciphering, reading, spelling, &c., too much praise cannot be bestowed on the very talented ladies who conduct this institution in imparting to their charges the facilities and ease to learn, and in "teaching their young ideas how to shoot."


New York, May 28th, 1843.