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Mr. Crémieux.


Pursuant to a call issued in the daily papers, a meeting of the Israelites of Philadelphia, was held on Thursday evening, December 21, 1843, at the Synagogue in Cherry Street. the meeting was called to order by H. Gratz, Esq., who nominated A. Hart, Esq., as Chairman. I. H. Weil, was on motion, appointed Secretary. The chairman announced the object of the meeting to be for the purpose of collecting funds to aid A. Crémieux, Esq., in sustaining the Jewish schools, lately established in Cairo and Alexandria, in a few brief and pertinent remarks, and concluded by submitting the letter from Mons. Crémieux, addressed to M. M. Noah, Esq., of New York, printed in No. 8, of the Occident.

The Rev. Mr. Leeser next offered the following resolution, preceded by a few remarks eulogistic of the character of Mons. Crémieux, whom he represented as having been the coadjutor of Sir Moses Montefiore in his mission to Damascus to procure the mitigation of the suffering Jews, who were unjustly and cruelly treated.

Resolved, "That three committees be appointed consisting of one from each congregation, to collect subscriptions in aid of the above cause, and that they be furnished with a copy of the letter of Mons. Crémieux, and that the Chairman have power to appoint said Committees," which was unanimously adopted.

The following gentlemen constitute the committees, agreeably to the above resolution: Messrs. F. Samuel, M. Cauffman, and H. Van Beil, as the central committee; John D. Jackson, D. A. Phillips, D. A. Davis, as the southern, and L. Bomeisler, M. Arnold, and I. H. Weil, as a committee for the Northern Liberties.

A. Hart, Chairman.

Isaac H. Weil, Secretary.