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News Items.

Education of the Poor.—We are informed that a plan has been submitted to the wardens of the different synagogues, by Walter Josephs, Esq., which requires that all applicants for relief, having families, shall produce certificates of the regular attendance of their children at some of the Jewish schools. The object of this wholesome requirement is obvious; and as it was approved by the Committee of the Great Synagogue, on Monday last, we hope soon to make a similar report of the others. It is a useful advance towards that organized supervision of the public charity, which is called for on all hands.—The Voice of Jacob.

We learn in a private letter from Jamaica that the Rev. Mr. Nathan and Dr. Ashenheim contemplate issuing a Jewish periodical, under the title of "Fruits of the West." It is probably that the work will appear, since the learned gentlemen have obtained already upwards of one hundred subscribers. We have but little doubt that the "Fruits" will be a valuable addition to the Jewish periodical literature, from the ability of its conductors; still we fear that it will not add much to their pecuniary resources, and be a constant task, always commencing, never ending. The editors not having favoured us with a prospectus, we are not able to say more on the subject.

The Rev. Mr. Issachar, assistant minister to the Rev. Mr. Nathan, arrived from England about the 16th of December; he is highly spoken of by our valued correspondents, and we wish him success in his new field of labour. He has ample opportunity to render himself useful; but labour is also demanded from him. We bid him, too, "God speed."

Since writing the above, we have received a Kingston paper of December 26th, giving an account of the installation of the new minister on Friday, the 22nd. We regret that want of space prevents us inserting the entire article, from the phraseology of which we should infer that the Rev. Mr. Nathan had left the island, being called to England by the alarming state of his mother's health.

Died, at Philadelphia, December 8th, Isaiah Nathans, aged about 78.—At Kingston, Jamaica, December 11th, Asher Lyons, late of Philadelphia. Mr. L. had just returned to Kingston with his family, after several years' absence, about the 4th of December, and was immediately gathered to his fathers.
—At Philadelphia, December 29th, suddenly, David Cromelien, aged 63 years.
—At Montreal, Canada, January 5th, Charlotte Hart, widow of Moses David, of Sandwich, Upper Canada, aged 57 years; and at Charleston, S. C., Moses Davis, aged 84.