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News Items

The Jewish Hospital for Jerusalem.—We have high gratification in announcing, that the Barons de Rothschild, Frères, have offered 100,000 francs for this hallowed purpose. The list of our contemporary, Dr. Phillipsohn, (the projector of the undertaking,) already amounts to nearly £5000; and he hopes to collect £15,000! This is cheering indeed;—we can only announce this, the substance of the communication, at the late period at which it has reached us.—The Voice of Jacob.

Beyrout.—We hear the names of Sir Moses and Lady Montefiore associated with another benevolent object in Syria,—the building of a Khan for poor Jewish travellers, to which they have contributed. Dr. Frankel, the physician, employed by Sir Moses, had arrived at Beyrout, and left for Jaffa, on his route to Jerusalem, in order to open a dispensary there.—Ibid.

Cassel.—The "Real and Bürgerschule," (similar to our grammar schools) about to be opened here, will have a Jewish teacher appointed thereto, for the instruction of the pupils of that faith. All educational institutions in Cassel, may be regarded as government establishments; this appointment, therefore, exhibits a high degree of religious toleration; and, as probably the first of its kind in Europe, is highly important.—Ibid.