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Office of Assistant Hazan

Of the Portuguese congregation of Kingston, Jamaica, is now vacant, the connection between it and the person who filled that office having been dissolved in the month of June last. We are authorized, by one of the most influential members of the congregation, to state, for the information of all those who may feel an inclination to become applicants for said office, that an ample field for usefulness is open for any person of talents and unblemished moral worth, and that his temporal welfare will be amply provided for by the congregation; the salary being between 900 and 1000 dollars, and there is no doubt that many perquisites would be added in the way of fees and liberal pay for instructing children in the holy language. It is expected that the candidate, in addition to an harmonious voice, and a correct mode of reading the service in the Minhag Sephardim, will be able to give occasional lectures on religious subjects in the English language. For the information of our friends in Europe, we are requested likewise to state, that there has lately manifested itself a renewed spirit for religious inquiry in the Island of Jamaica, and it only requires proper labourers in the field to urge and guide this feeling in a proper manner, in order that it may produce happy results. The German congregation of Kingston possess an eloquent preacher in the person of the Rev. Mr. Nathan, who has won golden opinions from his flock and others, for his well-directed labours; and the Portuguese community are now anxious to place at their head a gentleman who can officiate for them in an equally accepted manner.

The Editor of the Occident will with pleasure forward any letters entrusted to him by applicants for the office; or they may, if they wish, direct to M. Sarfaty, Esq., Kingston, Jamaica. We have merely to remark, that all candidates should be supplied with unexceptionable letters of recommendation from well known persons, as to their moral worth and qualifications, in order to avoid any unpleasant feelings in consequence of a rejection of their suit for the want of such necessary documents. We believe that an unmarried man would be better suited to enter upon the office; though one with a family, with the necessary qualifications, would not be unwelcome. All those who wish to apply for said office will have the goodness to do so at as early a date as convenient.