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We earnestly request our literary friends to sand us all periodicals or works which they have printed or may issue hereafter on the Jewish religion. We will gladly reciprocate the favour, if they will indicate to us how our works can reach them. If it be desired, we will transmit the cost of their publications, in any manner or to any address they may desire. Those living on the continent of Europe can, if they prefer, send any thing intended for us to Mr. Bossange, bookseller at Paris, under cover of Mr. John Pennington, bookseller, Philadelphia--who will forward the same to us without fail. If our friends decline parting with their works on these terms, we at all events desire them to send us a list of them with the prices annexed, and to inform us how and where we can procure them. It is our intention, if encouraged by our friends, to give an account of all modern Jewish literature; and we trust the authors and publishers will assist us in this effort.

To the Public.

We have now fairly commenced, our frail bark is launched upon the waves; we have ardour and buoyancy of disposition; little difficulties do not startle us; we request, therefore, all those who may have doubted our ability or willingness to undertake the work, and who withheld their support on that account, to come forward now and give us their encouragement. Public favour is the healthful breeze which is to waft our little vessel along on its tempestuous voyage; and the aid from above is the anchor upon which we rely to keep it from being wrecked upon a rocky shore