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The Key of David

By Warder Cresson (Michael Boaz Israel ben Abraham).

Appendix D.

The Society formed in England and America for Promoting Sawdust, Instead of Good Old Cheese, Amongst the Jews in Jerusalem.

There was a time when Good Old Cheese became not only very unpopular, but all who had it really in their possession were very much persecuted, and there were several very serious objections brought forward against it, sufficient, it was thought, to justify the disuse of it, provided a counterfeit could be introduced into society that would at least look like it; and to have this one property, viz., the mere appearance, was deemed indispensably necessary, for every objection was brought against all the valuable and excellent properties of the real article, Good Old Cheese.

The first and grand objection brought against the use of the genuine article itself was, that it cost entirely too much, for it is said it cost any man who really had it in his possession his life of popularity, many and most of his enjoyments in this world, owing to the many disabilities its use incurred; his character as a man of the world, the "inclinations of the heart, and the delight of the eyes," by which the Gentile world have been led astray;" all these had to be given up and abandoned forever.

This made way for its unpopularity, and was the principal cause of the great objections raised against the use of it; this seemed to justify the Society, and the Mission of the Society, in trying to use every means for its abolition by the introduction of Sawdust, instead of the real article.

Furthermore, the persons who composed this Society were men of very high and self-exalted feelings and characters, who were continually in the habit of shaking hands with themselves, and, in short, were honorary men of this world, members of polite and fashionable society, and who could not think of giving up the pleasures of this world, the "inclinations of their hearts and the delight of their eyes;" and hence the indispensable necessity of raising the Hue and Cry, that Good Old Cheese itself smelled too strong, and tasted too Oily and Greasy. Then they thought, as Sawdust looked in every respect very much like the grated article, (and this imitation has doubtless been very GRATING to the Jews, from the very first establishment of the NEW LAW,*) it might safely be recommended to the Jews in particular, and to all classes of society, for their use.

* "New Faith."

It was furthermore thought indispensably necessary immediately to establish a Society in England, Scotland, and America, and elsewhere, for promoting the use of it amongst the Jews, especially in Jerusalem, where it is well known they have in their possession the genuine and excellent article of Good Old Cheese itself, and the learned and honorable Society would have desired above all things to have obtained it from them, but for the one great insurmountable difficulty of the great cost of the genuine article, therefore the immediate necessity for the imitation and counterfeit.

For the establishment of this truly learned and honorable Society for promoting Sawdust amongst the Jews, large sums of money must be immediately raised amongst Rich, Polite, Polished and Popular; and for this first and most all-important measure, men with high-sounding names,* as "My Lord Bishop," "Right Reverend," and "Reverend," must be enlisted in this imposing cause, and first attached to it, as standing first and head of this most learned and honorable Society, that they might, by Preaching, Printing, and Publishing Sermons, and all other possible means, aid and support the main Society, and establish branch societies in the different parts of England, Ireland, Scotland, and America.

* Therefore when Babylon falls, "Names of men" must fall. See Rev. xi. 13, and margin in the Polyglot Bibles.

And furthermore, this Society stated "that their sympathies were excited and their best feelings enlisted in behalf of the Poor Jews," though it was admitted by both Christians and Turks, that the Jews had in their possession the genuine article of Good Old Cheese itself, inherited from their Forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

This was an admitted fact beyond all controversy, yet they smelt so strong, (with the Truth,) and looked so oily and greasy, and were so poor and dirty, especially in Jerusalem, where they could be seen and traced to their synagogues, in the night, and three times every day, with old tattered clothes, and brown bread to eat, and water to drink, and sometimes without even these necessaries themselves; while at the same time they were in the continual habit of passing by the sumptuous houses of the Missionaries for PERverting (not converting) them, and could smell their alamode Beef cooking, and hear their Beef Steaks frying, and see them riding out upon their fine prancing steeds, some of them with two, three, and even five of these, with their greyhounds and hunting dogs running beside them, attended by two and three servants, and all these to tempt the Poor Jews to perjure themselves, deny the faith of their Forefathers, by believing that "One only God was Three," and that "Three Gods were only one God;" and for doing this, that is, for accepting this, their Sawdust, they were offered from 100 pounds, or about $485, to 500 pounds, or $2,425 per annum; and their Bishop Alexander got more than 1200 pounds sterling a year, for doing this. And yet this Honorable, Hospitable, and Charitable Society, (especially to themselves) immediately, upon the establishment and organization of the principal society in London, sent the above Bishop Alexander and Missionaries to the Holy Land, with the above enormous salaries, varying from 100 to 1200 pounds sterling, not to convert, but to pervert, the Jews, that is, to GENTILIZE them; but they have never succeeded in ever getting a SINGLE JEW, BORN IN JERUSALEM, to APOSTATIZE, and but only a very few poor miserable stragglers, and even these were only bought by their having seen their English Gold shining and tempting them, through their Sawdust.*

* The Jews never can believe that the Eternal, Unchangeable God ever became a "Carpenter" sawed boards and made Sawdust.

These Missionaries, immediately upon their arrival in Jerusalem, hired the very best houses, bought the best and most splendid Arabian horses, and dressed and lived in the most luxurious and stylish manner, according as their different salaries permitted them. To further their IMPOSING and enterprising object, they at first hired a house for a church, and since built one, which has cost them more than $150,000; then they built a Hospital and Dispensary,* sent Physicians from England, set up an Institution of Industry, and also a College and Schools, all to entrap and instruct the poor, dirty, oily, greasy, starving Jews, and to tempt and provide them with good livings, fine English clothing, honorable titles of Reverend, and much gentile learning, upon the only one condition that they will give their names, and use all their influence and endeavors, to support and promote the interest of their Society for introducing and establishing Saw Dust, instead of Good Old Cheese, amongst the Poor Jews in Jerusalem and Palestine.

* This Dispensary has been used as a place where the "Jews can come for medicine without incurring the least suspicion from their Jewish brethren, because the dispensary furnishes a sufficient excuse for them." See this statement of Mr. Behren, in the "Jewish Intelligencer," of December, 1845, page. 420. Nice place of seduction this, to teach the Jews rebellion to their Faith and Rabbis.

It is really awful to see men professing to "follow a poor and self-denying Savior, who had not where to lay his head," and at the same time living in all the Pride and Luxury of this World. The American Presbyterian Mission have a most splendid establishment at Beyrout, with gardens filled with Mulberry Trees and Silk Worms, (for they too have turned to be Silk Merchants,) and another splendid country-seat upon the Mount of Lebanon, which they call "Abeih;" and these very men profess to believe in IRREVOCABLE Decrees, UNALTERABLE Decrees, that "one part of mankind are Elected to Everlasting Salvation, and the other half to Everlasting Damnation." Now if this law of Unconditional Predestination is Irrevocable, that is unalterable, what use is there is their going all the way from America to Jerusalem to convert the poor Jews? Can they alter that which is unalterable? Just this very work of theirs coming in collision with the Roman Catholics and the Church of England, and they getting to disputing and quarrelling in Nestoria, about religion, was the only cause that the Turks arose and killed them nearly all off. There were two or three who fled at the time to Jerusalem, whom I saw and conversed with myself. And so it will yet be in Jerusalem, if they continue on fighting for the right of placing the cross in the "Holy Sepulcher," (so called,) as they have so often done; and about the doctrines of the Church of Rome, of Luther, and of John Calvin, and the Church of England Missionaries calling the American Missionaries "only a set of Unauthorized Teachers and Schoolmasters." If any person will only take the trouble to write to the Rev. Mr. Veitch, who was Chaplain to the last Bishop Alexander, and since to Bishop Gobat, for a copy of a letter that the Rev. Mr. Lenneau wrote to Bishop Alexander, they will see to their full satisfaction, how much of the Spirit of Peace, or of the Spirit of War, existed between these Missionaries, (so called,) before they had to part from the English mission and leave Jerusalem, and their whole mission establishment uninhabited and desolate, as was the case when I took possession of it in the fall of 1844.--See Dr. Durbin's "Observations in the East," vol. i. page 304, on the state of the Christian Churches there.

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